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Diving the Mackerel Islands

Episode: 4
Title: Diving the Mackerel Islands
Broadcast: August 20th
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Trevor is underwater in the Pilbara on the best dive he has ever done off the Mackerel islands.

  • Off Onslow shore you will find some of the most pristine scenery. Trevor recommends you jump aboard the Lady Christine to cruise towards one of WA’s spectacular island experiences, the Mackerel Islands.
  • The Mackerel Islands are a paradise surrounded by one of the most pristine marine environments.
  • The islands accommodation is modern and extremely comfortable, perfect for getting a goodnight sleep before embarking on some classic Mackerel Island adventures. 
  • Trevor heads to a diving spot called blag flag with a diving instructor to dive down 15 metres off the ledge.
  • The waters are writhing with life as it’s a very healthy ecosystem. The initial landing point on the bottom is a limestone rock base with soft sponges and hard corals growing on it.  
  • A school of 20kg trevally swim around the divers. There is a large rock outcrop where there are hundreds of giant trevallies, golden trevally, green sea turtles, leopard sharks. These waters are untouched, pristine, and totally awesome to dive.

Mackerel Islands
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