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Cathedral Gorge

Episode: 4
Cathedral Gorge
Broadcast: August 20th
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissey

Chrissy’s Kimberly adventure starts with a scenic plane flight. She takes a walk back in time to a famous landmark, millions of years in the making and one of our greatest treasures, the Bungle Bungles and Cathedral gorge.

  • The advantage of flying to meet up with a tour is that it’s a great way to put some perspective to this region, which covers some half a million square kilometres of the state.
  • On the ground, the tour bus is ready and waiting to go and takes you to the starting point of the Bungle Bungles and Cathedral gorge. The tour is about 3 kilometres in length and takes around 3 hours.
  • The Bungle Bungles formed through sedimentation and the colours of the rocks are made up from blue algae and rust.
  • After a short stop at Piccaninny gorge, Cathedral gorge is the next stop for lunch and is a jaw dropping site. The place has a special magic, which is important to know as it was an indigenous site were marriages, disputes, gatherings, and funerals.
  • The gorge also has amazing acoustics and some people have lugged in whole instruments to the sites to try out the acoustics.
  • The benefits of the guided tours are that they point out many things that you’d miss and have such a vast knowledge of the place.

Bungle Bungle Guided Tours
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