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Cocos Keeling Barge

Episode: 2
Cocos Keeling Barge
Broadcast: August 6th
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissey

Chrissy explores an old ship, ‘The Barge’ on the Cocos Keeling Islands and meets local artist Emma Washer who turned the ship into an art gallery!

  • The old barge built in 1970 by the Clooney’s Ross family to collect coconuts from neighbouring islands. It’s been recycled a number of times including being used as an inter-island ferry. Today it’s cargo is the artistic treasure of the island.
  • It was rescued by local woman Emma Washer, who has a bit of a passion for recycling things from the ocean. Emma found the old barge in the jungle and restored it and moved it which took 8 years.
  • Emma also runs an art studio working on her own projects and doing workshops with the locals.
  • Emma collects washed up materials on the beach as art supplies as she sees all the items as being very unique and is also helping the environment by getting these items off the beach. Her favourite thing to work with is thongs.

Cocos Keeling Islands
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