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Lighthouse and Salmon Bay Walk Trail

Episode: 2
Lighthouse and Salmon Bay Walk Trail
Broadcast: August 6th
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Trevor takes us to Wadjemup lighthouse, one of the greatest man-made structures on Rottnest Island.

  • Completed in 1849 and built by aboriginal convict labour, this lighthouse is the original Wadjemup lighthouse. It was Western Australia’s first stone lighthouse and was built to provide a safer sailing passage for ships through to Fremantle and the Swan River Colony.
  • In 1896 the lighthouse we see today was built, creating Australia’s first rotating beam lighthouse.
  • Lighthouse tours run daily at 11am and run every half hour until 2:30pm. The experienced guides not only tell you the tales of the lighthouse and take you right to the top to experience the incredible 360 degree views.
  • There’s 5 levels and 155 steps in the lighthouse. The tour guides stop at every level and talk about what can be seen out the windows and a little bit about the lighthouse.
  • From the top, you can see the military buildings, the lakes, the settlements, Perth’s CBD, Scarborough, Fremantle and Garden Island.

Rottnest Island
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