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Hiking the Karijini gorges

Episode: 2
Hiking the Karijini gorges – Swimming in the iconic Fern Pool and Circular Pool PT2
Broadcast: August 6th
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Trevor takes a solo hike through Dales gorge. He discovers the stunning Fortescue Falls and takes a dip in the beautiful Fern Pool.

  • There are three different levels of difficulties when walking the trails, walking across the top is probably the easiest and the views out over the gorges are just beautiful. When you get to the bottom it’s absolutely spectacular.
  • Navigating the landscape of dales gorge is something you do with great care; the ground is uneven and the pathways down to the base of the gorge require concentration.
  • Getting down to the base of the gorge is something special apart from the sense of relief from making it, you quickly realise the plants are totally different to the flora at the top of the gorge.
  • Fortescue Falls is one of Trevor’s highlights in Karijini. The falls have a wonderful atmosphere with billions of litres of fresh cold water flowing down right through the whole gorge.
  • Fern Pool is sacred to the Aboriginal people, who believe the rainbow serpent still inhabits the waters. Whilst they are happy and encourage visitors to the pool and to swim in it, they simply request that people behave respectfully and quietly while visiting.   

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