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Why Cocos?

Episode: 1
Title: Why Cocos?
Broadcast: 30th July 2017
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy

Chrissy discovers the Cocos Keeling Islands and tells us why it is the ultimate WA escape!

  • Rick Sonderland is the islands marketing manager who came to the island on holiday with his family. Luckily for him, he was able to land a job on this beautiful island and turned his holiday into his life.
  • The island is very aquatic focused from diving to surfing and kite surfing. From beginners to experienced, everyone can have a go!
  • Time is very different on the island as it is not owned by the clock but by the tides.
  • The ferry takes you to home island which is totally different to the west island. A half an hour ride across the lagoon and you practically end up in Malaysia. The island has the one of the best beaches in Australia and world class snorkelling. It’s like jumping in and being in an aquarium.
  • You can walk the whole way from the west island to the home island when the tide is low and it takes about 6 hours and it’s amazing, there’s so much to see and there is not a footprint left behind besides your own.

Cocos Keeling Islands
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