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Quad Bike Tours: Kalbarri

Episode: 14
Broadcast: 24th July 2016
Presenter: Carmen Braidwood

The ruggedly beautiful Wagoe Beach just south of Kalbarri is home to the Coral Coast’s most incredible landscapes, although you really need to get off the road to see the best views.

  • The folks at Wagoe Quad Bike Tours take Carmen on a tour along the coast on a quad bike, and lucky for her they’re even suited to novice drivers! You can also ride a buggy. The bikes and buggies are both simple to operate and comfortable.
  • During the tour you will not only get to see magnificent views, but lookout for local wildlife…You may even see whales!
  • Each tour includes a stopover for complimentary refreshments with a view, which provides a great opportunity to talk about all the beautiful sites you have seen.

For more information, visit the Wagoe website on: