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Kalbarri Offshore Angling Club and Kid’s Fishing Lesson

Episode: 14
Broadcast: 24th July 2016
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Kalbarri is home to Australia’s favourite past time, fishing! Trevor and the kids enjoy a lesson from the Kalbarri Offshore Angling Club.

  • A favourite past time for anyone visiting Kalbarri is fishing and this is the perfect destination for people wanting to actually catch one. Fishing in Kalbarri is suited to the keen fishermen, those who have never done it before and especially the kids.
  • Trev takes on Australia’s favourite hobby with The Kalbarri Offshore Angling Club, which is an organisation that allows like-minded fishermen to chase the big ones and share their adventures together.
  • Australia’s favourite hobby is also gaining popularity among the kids. They’re having an awesome time and they’ve even formed their own mini club. The kids turn up each weekend to learn the tricks of the art of fishing.

For more information, visit the Kalbarri Offshore Angling Club Facebook page on: