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Beach Horse Riding

Episode: 14
Broadcast: 24th July 2016
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Enjoy a scenic adventure on horseback as you ride through the natural scenic heart of Kalbarri’s picturesque landscape.

  • If you want an experience to add to your bucket list this is the one for you! Everyone should ride a horse along the beach on a safari through the Aussie outback and thanks to Rex and the team at Big River Ranch this is made possible.
  • This team of expert horsemen and women line up a group of trusty steeds everyday for a safari through some rugged bush land, through the river gums that edge the Murchison to the Murchison River itself where you do a river crossing. Then on the other side is the untouched coastal terrain where you get to climb the sand dunes and see the stunning views of Kalbarri
  • An hour and a half of bliss. Enjoy soaking up the sun and an experience you will never forget. Don’t forget you can even stay here for the night.

For more information, visit the Big River Ranch Kalbarri website on: