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Jurien Bay

Episode: 14
Broadcast: 24th July 2016
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy

Pack your sense of adventure and get on a sand board or roll on a Segway on your next visit up north! With help from Jurien Bay Adventure Tours, Chrissy has never had so much fun in Jurien Bay.

  • Two hours drive north of Perth is the beautiful Jurien Bay where there are all sorts of ways to enjoy the coastline: fishing, walking, riding. Today, Chrissy tries a couple of alternatives to turn a simple holiday into an adventure.
  • With help from Jurien Bay Adventure Tours, Chrissy tries segwaying, rolling down the cycle way along the foreshore of Jurien Bay. The tour guide Geoff gives the kids quizzes on local knowledge and creates a skills test along the way.
  • 15-minutes out of town is Sandy Cape Recreation Park and today Chrissy is sand boarding with expert sand board instructor Kris. Kris has a genuine passion for Jurien Bay and teaches Chrissy about the art of sand boarding and why it’s so magnificent in Jurien Bay.

For more information, visit the Jurien Bay Adventure Tours website on: