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Episode: 14
Broadcast: 24th July 2016
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy

Chrissy takes a 30-minute heritage tour of Northampton, the town of footy legends, over achievers and rooms full of sewing machines!

  • Northampton was settled in 1864 and is one of three towns in WA whom are registered by the National Trust. The town has some stunning heritage listed buildings and Chrissy falls in love with one of the churches.
  • Chrissy does the tour with Carol Tinkle from the local historical society who offers to show her around. They discuss what the tour is all about and the history of the town. Chrissy also speaks to one of the locals, Rick Haselby.
  • The tour of Northampton is extensive, ranging from the visit to a local farmer’s collection of sewing machines, to one of the local pubs.

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