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Historic Guildford

Episode: 13
Broadcast: 17th July 2016
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy

Chrissy looks at the historical buildings around Guildford as part of a Guildford Visitors Centre walking tour.

  • It seems everyone is talking about Guildford at the moment thanks to the newly refurbished Guildford Hotel, which really is quite spectacular! This is a town where heritage reigns supreme and the champions of the history are the locals!
  • Celia is a volunteer guide with the local historical society and she runs guided tours around Guildford, which is the most in-tact town of first settlement in WA and heritage listed on the National Trust Register.
  • Chrissy and Celia discuss why this town is such a mecca for heritage buffs, the items on display in the Visitors Centre and the kinds of walking trails you can take while visiting Guildford.

For more information, visit the Swan Valley Visitors Centre website on: