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Rainbow Jungle

Episode: 13
Broadcast: 17th July 2016
Presenter: Carmen Braidwood

Some attractions in our favourite WA destinations keep us coming back time and time again and no visit to Kalbarri would be complete without a visit to the world famous Rainbow Jungle, a spectacular aviary of exotic and local birds.

  • There’s a certain joy that comes with sharing the Rainbow Jungle with the younger generations. Follow the pathways to discover tropical gardens, waterfalls, fountains, lily ponds and don’t forget the café!
  • Prepare yourself for a very close encounter with extraordinary creatures such as the chatty black and red cockatoos, the Papua New Guinean eclectus parrot and the blue and gold South American macaw.
  • Carmen takes us through one of the largest free flight areas for birds in the country where you can see birds of every colour, including the biggest fleet of purple crown lorakeets in the world!

For more information, visit the Rainbow Jungle website on: