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The Forrest Family

Episode: 10
Broadcast: 26 June 2016
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy

The Forrest Family is one that is affluent and influential in shaping the Perth we know today. Chrissy Morrissy and Richard Often from Heritage Perth explore their history.

  • Many families have shaped Western Australia and one famous name comes to mind, the Forrest Family.
  • These Forrest brothers John, Alexander and David were all prominent in their own right.
  • Richard often and Chrissy take a walk around the Forrest family’s monuments in Kings Park and Perth City.
  • Kings park holds a statue of John Forrest, the oldest of 10 children of William and Margaret Forrest. John was known as an explorer, Politian and a surveyor. 
  • The Forrest children were brought up just outside Bunbury in Picton however the 3 eldest sons were sent to Perth for schooling.
  •  Stirling gardens holds another statue of Alexander Forrest which is one of the oldest public statues in Perth.
  • Alexander served as mayor of Perth for almost 10 years; he’s also celebrated for significantly improving the city’s infrastructure.
  • David Forrest doesn’t have a statue in Perth however he was dedicated to developing pastures working on country stations, eventually retiring in Claremont.
  • David’s great grandson is Andrew Forrest who is Perth’s renowned mining giant.