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Swan Valley Tour by River

Episode 5
Danny Green

If you think you have seen the Swan Valley from every angle you'd be wrong. Avoiding the crowds and busy roads by taking an expedition up the river Danny Green shows off a bit of the good life.

Swan Valley Canoeing Experdidtion

  • The Swan is very diverse in Flora and Fauna, with over 130 species of fish over 80 species of waterbirds recorded and over 1500 species of plants associated with the swan coastal plain. Be aware that there are also native reptiles such as the dugite and the western tiger snake. For more information on what to look out for visit the Swan River Trust website here.
  • Canoeing expeditions are a great way to see your river from a fresh perspective, tours cost from $55 per Adult, $45 for children under 16 for the half day tour, or  $95 each for a wine cruise by canoe. To tour like Danny visit the River Gods website.
  • For first time wine testers the rules are easy, just remember your Four S's Swirl, Sniff, Sip and Savour. Swirl the wine glass around aerates the wine allowing flavours to develop. When sniffing your wine don't be too shy. Always sip the wine, with your head tilted back, slurp air through the wine. Savour your wine and notice how flavours linger after you've swallowed. Find more tips and information on tasting in the valley here.
  • When taking part in the wine tasting remember to take it easy so you can enjoy the paddle back. As always remember Don't Drink and Drown.