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Jet X-treme

Episode: 5
Broadcast: 22 May 2016
Presenter: Pete Curulli

Jet-Xtreme are pioneers in what is quickly becoming one of the most fun ways to get your feet wet, it's called hydro-flight.. And as it suggests it's all about flying using the power of water and every concept of what skateboards in the future should look like! Pete steps (back) in to the future and takes a ride for himself.

  • Hydro-flight was invented in 2012 and has only recently come to Australia.
  • Jet-X-treme operates out of Hilaries Boat Harbor and Mandurah.
  • Pete was lucky enough to have a go on the jet blade, which is the latest technology in jet boarding. The jet blade has independent foot control, which means Pete can twist and turn to his heart’s content!
  • Anyone 14 years or older can have a go on the jet board.