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Ghost Stories

Episode 5
Haley Thompson

Take a tour, if you dare, of Perth's top paranormal locations with Australia's number one psychic medium. We travel from old Freo halls to the Rose and Crown in Guildford, don't be alarmed but we are not alone.

Who you gonna call?

  • You may recognise Rebecca Millman from the Australian TV Show 'The One', for information about upcoming events she is holding you can find more here.
  • Fremantle boasts the most when it comes to haunted locations, as well as the prison, old Town Hall and Victoria Hall. There is also the Round House, Arts Centre and the South Fremantle Power station. All of which have been under investigation from the Perth Ghost Hunters.
  • Guildford's Rose and Crown Hotel isn't just WA's oldest hotel but home to the ghost of Charlie the bullock driver.
  • Some of Perth's other top paranormal sites include the Art Centre of Western Australia, the Alkimos wreck and the Woodman's Point Quarantines Station.