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Episode: 3
Broadcast: 8th May 2016
Presenter: Matt Hale

Matt Hale has a shot at wakeboarding, an extreme watersport with a difference.

  • The only way to wakeboard would require you or your friend to own a boat along our coastline or Swan River, at Perth Wake Park that has all changed.
  • Perth Wake Park gives people a chance to experience wakeboarding by attaching you to a cable.
  • If you’re eight years or older, you are legible to participate in wakeboarding.
  • There are two lakes; the Beginner Lake is where you learn the ropes of how to wakeboard, and then for the more daring thrill-seeker is the main lake, it has faster cables and more jumps to keep things interesting.
  • Wakeboarding is very accessible, all you need to turn up with is your bathers and the team will set you up with the necessary safety gear.

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