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Safe Cycling

Episode: Summer Special
Broadcast: 28th November 2015
Presenter: Christina Morrissy

Chrissy teams up with the Road Safety Commission to give you tips on how to cycle safely among other vehicles and pedestrians.

  • It doesn’t matter what you paid for your trusty bike, knowing how to identify that your ride is roadworthy is your first priority and if you’re not sure, enlist some help.
  • Once your bike is up to speed, you need to ensure your own safety is assured. Put on a bicycle helmet and for extra measure, put some arm and leg guards on.
  • Be mindful of other road users, bike riders, car drivers, and bus and truck drivers. The road needs shared and the road rules need to be followed.
  • When overtaking a cyclist, give them a meter, a lot of people are not aware that there’s a designated cyclist range and you have to give way when you are turning left.

Road Safety Commission:


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