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Episode: Summer Special
Broadcast: 28th November 2015
Presenter: Lee Steele

There are so many beautiful national parks and campgrounds around WA and we’ve got some great ideas if you want to explore some natural wonders or go away somewhere special for a camping trip.

  • The Department of Parks and Wildlife has put together this great selection in its 2016 annual calendar – and it features something different every month.
  • On May, if you’re after an enchanting escape down south, how about Lane Poole Reserve near Dwellingup? It’s surrounded by old growth forest with small rock pools and waterfalls along the Murray River where you can canoe, swim or fish.
  • With September – you can’t go past Coalseam Conservation Park and its famous wildflowers, which erupt in September! In fact there are 200 different types. It really showcases the best of Mother Nature and it’s not just the wildflowers, the site is rich in history with marine fossils embedded in the river bank, dating back 250 million years.
  • November must be the “jewel in the crown” of Perth, the Swan River. Some of the best ways to soak up the sun or go for a refreshing dip as the weather heats up. Ideal for picnics, shady riverbanks, play areas and cycle paths, the Swan River offers the perfect day out.
  • And finally with December, how about a beautiful getaway down south in our sizzling summer months. The never ending beauty, the stunning and the world’s best beaches, and endless camping spots to make up the Naturaliste National Park to wrap up the year.

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