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DPAW Nearer to Nature Program

Episode: Summer Special
Broadcast: 28th November 2015
Presenter: Lee Steele

With the school holidays almost here, parents are on the lookout for something cool for the kids to do so they’re warn out by the time they get home, and what a great time to get them going outdoors!

  • The Department of Parks and Wildlife has some great ideas for young people, giving them the chance to connect them with nature, creating an unforgettable West Aussie childhood that will lead to a lifelong appreciation of our state.
  • While in Mundaring, kids and adults both experience getting up close and personal with all the weird and wonderful creatures that live in the Perth Hills.
  • All ages will enjoy the mocking bushfire scenarios, the idea behind it is to make you bushfire ready but having fun in the meantime – Who doesn’t like mounting a firefighter hose?

Department of Parks & Wildlife: