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Shark Bay from the Air

Episode: Summer Special
Broadcast: 28th November 2015
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Trevor goes skyward for an aerial tour of Shark Bay.

  • 830km north of Perth is the township of Denham, the main town of Shark Bay.
  • Shark Bay Air Charter is ideal if you’re looking to explore Shark Bay’s extraordinary landscape by air.
  • The flight allows travellers to view iconic Shark Bay destinations such as Steep Point, a national park with the world’s only land-based game fishing platform and Australia’s most Westerly point.
  • Shark Bay got its name for the abundance of sharks. Attracted by the shallow waters and rich biodiversity, the list of spark species includes Bull Sharks, Nurse Sharks, Tiger Sharks and even Whale Sharks.

Contact: Shark Bay Air Charter – (08) 9948 1773