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Fairbridge Festival

Episode: 8
Broadcast: 3rd May
Presenter: Tod Johnston

For music lovers and admirers of the West Australian outdoors, the Fairbridge Festival is the place to go.

  • Annually held since 1993, the Fairbridge Festival is a family orientated event located Fairbridge Village.
  • Originally the festival hosted folk music, over time until 1996, the Fairbridge Festival became host to world music and multiple other genres.
  • There are a number of camping options if you’re looking to stay for the whole weekend, and for the non-experienced campers or you’re just simply not up for pitching a tent, you can purchase a deluxe eco-tent, which is pitched and ready for you.
  • Although this year’s festival is over, you can secure your place for next year’s event, refer to the links below for more information.

Contact: Fairbridge Festival – (08) 9246 3311