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HIF Margaret River Pro AM Competition

Dan Paris

Once upon a time Margaret River was known for hardwood timber and agriculture production. Now one of its biggest tourism clinches is its rugged and unbelievably beautiful coastline. These beaches have worldwide notoriety for surfing, and for good reason. So it’s fantastic to see that those waves aren’t going to waste in the HIF Margaret River Pro AM Competition.

HIF Margaret River Pro AM Competition see’s Ideal conditions at an ideal location.

  • The basics of surf scoring (for those not in the know) aren’t really that simple because of how many factors play on each set. Generally speaking each wave is assigned a score from .5 to 10. A .5 being “that person managed to stand up” and 10 being “A radical manoeuvre, surely this person is a Neptune himself!”.
  • Round 1 saw Shaun Howe from Kalbarri take out the Men’s Open, and Bailee Hastie a Gracetown local take out the Women’s. For more of the results and news on the HIF Margaret River Pro AM Competition and much more follow the link to the Surfing WA website.
  • WA boasts some of the best breaks in the World find them and much more on the Tourism WA website.