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Coffee Culture

Episode: 4
Broadcast: 5th April
Presenter: Lee Steele

Italian migrants introduced espresso coffee in the post-World War II period; it wasn’t until the 1990’s that the Aussies’ obsession over quality coffee began. Today, Aussies take their coffee very seriously.

  • In the old days, quality brewed coffee was a rare luxury to come by in Australia, but that all changed when Italian migrants brought their love for coffee to Fremantle’s cappuccino strip in the 1950’s.
  • By the 1990’s the first Dome café was established in Western Australia, starting a whole new level of coffee excellence. Today, Dome spans the globe with a significant number of cafés in international markets.
  • The trendy Typika in Claremont is a fine example of coffee excellence. It’s a large New York City styled warehouse that provides customers with superb food and a glassed-in coffee roaster where all of the roasting action is on display.
  • There’s also Willie Wagtails in the CBD – where highly skilled Baristas will happily chat to you about all the different flavours and methods of coffee making as they prepare their unique brew.

Contact: Willie Wagtails - 08 9226 4803

Contact: Typika – (08) 9284 6088