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WA Museum – Exploration of Perth Canyon

Episode: 4
Broadcast: 5th April
Presenter: Lee Steele

Off the WA coast, just 50km from our state capital, lies the largely uncharted Perth Canyon. Lee steps aboard the Falkor to learn more about this ancient mystery.

  • The WA Museum, in partnership with the Schmidt Foundation, is exploring the canyon since early March with the Foundation’s research ship, the Falkor.
  • Foundation president, Eric Schmidt, also holds the position of executive chairman of Google.
  • The Perth Canyon is located 20 kilometres west off Rottnest Island, 4,000ft deep beneath the ocean and is double the depth of the Grand Canyon.
  • The Perth Canyon is estimated to be around 100 million years old.
  • Despite being so close to Perth, this has been the first real exploration of the canyon, made possible by the RV Falkor and its remotely operated vehicle (ROV).

Contact: WA Museum – 1300 134 081

Contact: Schmidt Ocean Institute