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WA Museum – Taxidermy

Episode: 3
Broadcast: 29th March
Presenter: Tod Johnston

If it wasn’t for the incredible talents of the WA Museum’s taxidermy team, we wouldn’t be able to see what the state’s elusive and extinct animals look like.

  • Kirsten Tullis is a Taxidermist at the WA Museum who has been doing this line of work for over thirty years.
  • Her line of work is not restricted to animals; she also works up entire environmental displays that act as a backdrop for the animals she has prepared.
  • Different animals require different techniques, stuffing a possum is far more different than preparing a jellyfish.
  • Taxidermy is such an important part of the museum, especially with extinct creatures such as the Thylacine. It’s the only way we get to see what a Tasmanian Tiger really looked like.