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Terrace Hotel Perth

Episode: 2
Broadcast: 22nd March
Presenter: Lee Steele

The Terrace Hotel Perth is a new player in Perth’s hospitality scene. Historian Richard Offen explains how it is set in one of the CBD’s most historic buildings, and we find out how it offers a brand of personalized luxury you won’t find anywhere else.

  • This luxury hotel has just 15 rooms and is the one place is Perth where all the staff know your name.
  • The Terrace Hotel sits right at the top of the Terrace. It’s nestled in between the high rises.
  • The premier suites are complete with all the modern trimmings but discreetly blended into the old world décor.
  • The Terrace Hotel is also a great place to come and enjoy a drink at the end of a hard day. You can even experience an intimate dinner party in one of the private rooms at the front of the hotel.
  • The Terrace Hotel also holds a gold plate award for its food. Everything is cooked to perfection and the dessert is hand-made – on the premises – by the Terrace’s pastry chef.

Contact: Terrace Hotel +61 8 9214 4444