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Yallingup Woodfired Guglehupfs

Episode: 1
Broadcast: 21st March
Presenter: Caty Price

It’s no secret that our Southwest is a foodie heaven and every time we venture south there’s something new to devour!. On this trip we found something a little different which has a real nod to our award winning wine region. Caty has discovered The Guglehupfs.

  • German Gottard Bauer made Yallingup his home 15 years ago and he has built up a reputation for the most amazing woodfired bread but one day the chance discovery of an old mold amongst his baking paraphernalia sparked a new passion.
  • He began making and eating Guglehupfs for three years now. It's a hard word to say but they are a very easy cake to eat!
  • It is the special mold with the hole in the middle that gives these cakes their name… It is said to look like a German woman’s hat or bonnet (gugel). although some argue it is shaped more like a crown. More importantly this special shape provides a nice even temperature during baking.
  • Guglehupfs are a lot lighter in texture than traditional cakes, as they are made with yeast and come in both sweet and savoury.
  • In Europe it is eaten at all different times of day and it is quite common to serve up a Guglehupfs with wine which is why Gottard thought it would be the perfect cake for the Yallingup / Margaret river region.
  • Gottard’s Guglehupfs has a distinct West Australian flavor. The eggs, flour and butter are all sourced locally. The sultanas are soaked in wine from just down the road and there is even a bit of the Indian Ocean adding to the flavour.
  • If you would like to check them out for yourself the Guglehupfs Bakery is not hard to find. It's on the corner of Caves Road and Yallingup Road in Yallingup. Grab a bottle of wine and wander down to the beach with your Gugle!.

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