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WA Museum – Frog Watch

Episode: 1
Broadcast: 21st March
Presenter: Lee Steele

Lee learns how healthy our environment is by looking for Frogs right in the heart of our urban sprawl and she gets more than she is excepting when one of the slippery little guys makes a jump for it.

  • Frog Watch was started by the WA Museum and is dedicated to providing information on all aspects of Western Australian frogs.
  • Frog Watch’s original goal was to keep documentation on the exotic kit red fungus, otherwise known as ‘Killer frog fungus’, that infects frog populations in Australia.
  • Frog’s skin is very sensitive, so pollution or runoff waste can have a severe impact on them which makes these little amphibians great indicators of how healthy the environment is.

If you want to know more about creating gardens and promoting healthy suburban environments where frogs can flourish, check out the Frogwatch website.

WA Museum – Frog Watch

The WA GouldLeague also holds frog walks at Hersman Lake.. check out their website.