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PADI Dive School

Episode: 1
Broadcast: 20th March
Presenter: Caty Price

Learning to dive in Western Australia is a great idea if you want to discover all that our great state has to offer! You can earn your open water qualification over three full days of training with the Perth Diving Academy.
Caty Price has always had an aversion to diving but she took up the challenge for this story and now there is no stopping her!

  • Before you’re even allowed to get your toes wet, you have to pass a theory test. The good news is it can be done online in the comfort of your own home. Your instructors are tracking your progress and looking at your answers so if there is anything you need extra help with they will know straight away.
  • Once you’re in the water, the first step is learning to breathe underwater, it might feel unnatural at first, but with a day and a half in the pool, there’s plenty of time to get used to it before you head out into the ocean.
  • You’ll also learn how to control your own buoyancy with all the gear on, as well as the necessary skills to keep you safe in the ocean.
  • The next step is a shore dive. The Perth Dive Academy is located at Rous head, a marina, making it the perfect training ground. You just need to walk down the driveway to the waters edge and immerse yourself in your new underwater world.
  • The Marina has a maximum depth of 15 metres so it is a really safe place to start to enjoy the underwater world.. open water dives follow once you and your instructor are confident with your skills and then .. the ocean is your playground!