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Kite Boarding

Episode: 10
Broadcast: 14th December
Presenter: Caty Price

  • West Oz Kite Boarding have been teaching kiteboarding since 2000 when the sport really started to kick off in Australia.
  • WA is known as one of the worlds best Kite surfing locations
  • West Oz Kite Boarding teach from 13 with an unlimited age and have had up to 72 year old getting into it.
  • Jason from West Oz Kite Boarding has been wakeboarding for 20 years, windsurfing for 15 years and kiteboarding for 15 years now.
  • Tandem Kite surfing available for those who want to experience the rush of a pro Kite surfer
  • Located in Shoalwater, just 40 mins south of Perth