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Gina Williams - Musician

Episode: 9
Broadcast: 30th November
Presenter: Tod Johnston

WAAMI award winning singer Gina Williams is doing her bit to bring back to disintegrating Aboriginal language. Earlier this year, she released her debut album ‘Kalyakoorl,’ alongside Guy Ghouse, written and sung completely in Nyoongar, which she spent 5 years learning beforehand.

  • Performing with the all-important blessings of her elders and her community, Gina and Guy will take you on a journey you will not get anywhere else in the world. You don’t need to know what she’s singing – we all know love, loss and joy, it all means the same thing regardless of the language.
  • ‘Kaylakoorl,’ (which means forever) is full of beautifully crafted songs and showcases the wonderful combination of Guy’s guitar mastery and Gina’s incredible voice.
  • Recorded, mixed and mastered at Crank Studios with the prestigious Lee Buddle, the album features talents of Russell Holmes on piano, Roy Martinez on bass, Arunachala Satgunasingam with percussion as well as Gina’s daughters Lauren and Bella McGill as the backing vocals.
  • The album speaks of four principles; Koort, which means heart, Moort, which means family, Boodja, which means land, and Koorlangka, which means children and legacy.