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WA Museum Story – Discovery Centre

Episode: 9
Broadcast: 30th November
Presenter: Lisa Fernandez

This interactive and fun exhibition is fun for the whole family, and a great, educational experience for kids to do these summer holidays!

  • The exhibition includes interactive displays and activities with dinosaur fossils, stone-age tools, meteorites, preserved vertebrates and invertebrates, as well as some living frogs.
  • It’s open after school and on weekends, and provides an excellent venue for students who are undertaking school projects and assignments. There is even a library and a variety of science DVDs to assist with research.
  • Visitors can bring items for identification, and visitors are able to use the reference collection and library to learn about their objects.
  • The Discovery Centre Information Officer is happy to assist with research and is able to contact the Museum Curators for difficult inquiries.
  • The Discovery Centre aims to expand the knowledge of Western Australians about Australia’s natural science, and social and cultural history.