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WA Museum – Kimberley Project

Episode: 7
Broadcast: 16th November
Presenter: Caty Price

The work of the WA Museum isn’t just about researching and cataloging the past, but it is also about investigating the present, and something very exciting is underway.

  • Six field trips for an initiative known as the Kimberley Project have just been completed. It’s been called “The most comprehensive biodiversity study of WA’s marine life.”

  • Clay Pryce, from the museum’s aquatic zoology department has been leading the project, the aim of the study is to go to the Kimberley area and to see what marine biodiversity can be found there and what habitats that marine biodiversity lives with.

  • What has stood out from the six expeditions has been the corals acting as a living habitat, there are the inshore corals amongst the dirty water, whereas these corals, that are located offshore, are bleached because the waters are one to two degrees higher, and much more resilient and they’re still discovering why.