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Broome Broome!

Story: Broome Broome!
Episode: 9
Presenter: Nikki Parkinson
Air Date: 7th April 2024

In a bid for solace and adventure, Nikki sets off for Cable Beach in a Broome Broome 4WD car rental.

  • Broome Broome offers a compact 4WD, which means you don't have to worry about towing a campervan or trailer. Purposely built for the rough, harsh terrain of the Kimberley.
  • Broome Broome car rentals have been serving tourists of Broome and the Kimberley for more than 25 years and offer free touring advice.
  • The Campervan is contained on the tray of a 4WD Hilux utility, making manoeuvring as simple as driving and reversing a normal automatic car. It is also equipped with an easily removable tray, which allows you to remove the camper and for a smaller town car experience.
  • The rental cars don’t have any tents or camper trailers. Meaning, you can go from place to place in no time and do so easily. Giving you more time to spend with your family and friends.
  • Broome Broome is located at the right of the entrance to the Broome Airport so you can literally fly in and drive out.

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