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Unlocking the Human Potential

Story: Unlocking the Human Potential
Episode: 3
Presenter: Natalia Cooper
Air Date: 17th December

Natalia visits Scitech’s exhibit of the limits of Human Potential, exploring the cutting edge of demonstrative technology.

  • Scitech is a not-for-profit organization proudly supported by the Western Australian Government through the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation. For over 35 years, Scitech has brought cutting edge science to everyone from adventure-ready kids to inquisitive adults – igniting lifelong curiosity.
  • Scitech is a great value day out for the whole family. Access to the science theatre, planetarium, exhibits and the feature exhibition are all included in the price of a general admission ticket, giving visitors an all-access pass, all day long!
  • Designed and built right here at Scitech, Human Potential explores how technological advancements and medical breakthroughs have revolutionised the way we live.
  • Curiosity drives science, compelling us to ask questions and find answers. In this live science show, behold bubbling beakers, exciting explosions, and fantastic fireballs as they lift the lid on the wonders of everyday chemistry.
  • You never know what science you might encounter on a visit to Scitech - they regularly host pop-up demonstrations (busks), with everything from how to make liquid nitrogen ice cream to hair-raising electricity with a Van de Graaff generator.

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