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Kununurra Cup – Nina’s Jewellers

Story: Kununurra Cup – Nina’s Jewellers
Episode: 5
Presenter: Carmen Braidwood
Air Date: 11th September 2022

Carmen explores the town of Kununurra in the beautiful Kimberly region in search of the perfect accessory to wear to the long-awaited Kununurra Cup.

  • Founded by Bill Withers; Nina’s Jewellers is Kununurra’s very first jewellery retailer operating since 1966.
  • Since then, their master jewellery designers have been creating unique pieces, celebrating the riches of the country with stunning Australian diamonds.
  • The jewellery here is made from pure West Australian gold with stunning pearls locally sourced from Broome and the South Seas.
  • Nina’s Jewellers were honoured to receive the very first set of diamonds mined in the remote Kimberly region at the now famous Argyle mine in 1984.
  • This was the start of a thriving relationship with Nina’s Jewellers being one of very few select ateliers of the rarest gemstone in the world, the Argyle Pink Diamond.
  • Carmen has the tough choice of selecting the perfect pieces from Nina’s Jewellers to give her the edge to win Fashions on the Field.

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