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Roebourne: Post-race Antics

Story: Roebourne: Post-race Antics
Episode: 4
Presenter: Nikki Parkinson
Air Date: 4th September 2022

At the Roebourne Cup, the fun doesn't stop after the final race, with plenty of entertainment and celebrations still to come after the finish line.

  • Racing takes place annually at Roebourne between June to August so why not add this unique experience to your bucket list.
  • If you want the chance to “own” a percentage of one of the racehorses in the cup you should check out the Calcutta, run by Norwest Jockey Club stalwart Steve “Big Bird” Honicke.
  • One of the biggest celebrations of the day comes from race winners, Mick Ball, and his horse Crossaro, who took out the 2022 Roebourne Cup!
  • Punters find the races fascinating, as well as joining in on the fun in dressing up, finding it a well organised event that they thoroughly enjoy!
  • It definitely doesn’t hurt that there is some great money to be won too!

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