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Story: Horrocks
Episode: 11
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy and Josh Kennedy
Air Date: 2nd January 2022

On the way up to Kalbarri, take a detour to the beautiful beaches of Horrocks. Josh takes Chrissy on a tour of the Best Beach in Australia!

  • Horrocks is a beachside getaway located 18km from Northampton with a permanent population of 134.
  • Horrocks Beach was named the Best Beach in Australia in 2018. It’s 2.5 km long and is sheltered by a large outer reef. The white sand is perfect for four-wheel driving and dune buggying.
  • Horrocks Beach is also a great fishing and crayfishing destination.
  • North of Horrocks is a beach called Little Bay which is also a favourite amongst locals for fishing and surfing.
  • At Little Bay, there is a massive sand dune that people can climb up using a rope. From this viewpoint, whales and birdlife can be observed.
  • The Jetty off Horrocks is a key feature of the area where locals were taught to swim or to jump off into the water as kids for fun.
  • The Whiting Pool is suggested as a great spot for swimming because it is protected by a reef and forms a nice circle-shaped area. It’s called the Whiting Pool because a lot of whiting get stuck in there.
  • A lot of the fish caught in the area are served at the General Store in town. The locals claim it to be the best fish and chips in WA!

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