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Port Gregory

Story: Port Gregory
Episode: 11
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy and Josh Kennedy
Air Date: 2nd January 2022

The beachside village of Port Gregory is famed for its pink lagoon and exposed reef. Josh takes Chrissy to see the famous sites.

  • There is 35 km between Horrocks and Port Gregory. The two towns have a bit of civilised rivalry between them.
  • Lucky Bay, located near Port Gregory, is a great destination for four-wheel driving.
  • The Pink Lagoon is a stunning natural wonder of the region. Its bright pink colour is caused by the algae.
  • The Pink Lake has attracted a lot of media attention in recent years with many fashion shoots and music videos being filmed here.
  • The town of Port Gregory is also famous for its fishing, four-wheel driving and snorkelling.

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