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Chrissy’s Day – Part One

Story: Chrissy’s Day – Part One
Episode: 10
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy
Air Date: 26 December 2021

Chrissy skips the ques and heads out on her bike to see the beauty of Rotto and to experience a unique snorkel trail.

  • There are a few ways to travel to Rottnest Island, including by flight with Rottnest Air Taxi.
  • Pick-up rental bikes can be pre-booked with Pedal and Flipper. Fishing gear can also be hired on the island.
  • There are several new features in the refreshed main settlement. Visitors can grab some food for the day at the Bakery, home to the new Chook Shack.
  • A tip when planning a day at Rotto is to check the winds for that day. So, you can work out which beaches will be protected from the wind.
  • The Parkerpoint Loop Trail is where you’ll find the complex reef system of Henrietta rocks and over the viewpoint, you will see the remains of the 1939 wrecked vessel called the Shark.
  • At Salmon Bay, there is a fabulous snorkel trail that is easy to navigate by following the newly installed buoys which are attached to information panels just below the water.
  • The warm Leeuwin Current means the waters off Rotto have a lot of bubblegum pink Pocillopora coral.

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