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erth City Art Trails

Story: Perth City Art Trails
Episode: 4
Presenter: Jo Beth Taylor
Air Date: 14 November 2021

Perth’s art scene has had a major revamp over the past couple of years. Jo Beth grabs her camera and walking shoes to discover Perth’s most renowned Art Trails.

  • Stop one, Hay Street. This large-scale mural on the side of the Art Series Hotel is one of Perth’s newest pieces which was completed by Melbourne Artist, Matt Adnate.
  • Matt's piece was inspired by Perth’s cultural heritage and is not only the largest painting done by Adnate but one of the world’s largest Mega Murals.
  • If you want to see more of the artist’s work, head inside to the Art Series hotel which houses over 650 of his pieces.
  • Stop two on the trail, Murray Street. Mexican artist, Curiot, was commissioned for their art piece as part of Forms Public 2015 Festival.
  • Curiot’s work features a combination of his heritage and the location of his pieces. Curiot's mural showcases a reimagining of our beloved koala.
  • The third and final stop – Wolf Lane, home to several great artworks such as the patchwork mural created by New York artist Maya Hayuk.
  • Perth artist, Hurben inspired by the phrase “Inside your head, there is a heart” has created a fairy-tale style piece that will leave a great impression.