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Perth Observatory

Story: Perth Observatory
Episode: 4
Presenter: Scherri-Lee Biggs
Air Date: 14 November 2021

Would you like to reach for the stars without ever leaving WA? Scherri-Lee does just that at Perth’s largest Observatory.

  • The Perth Observatory was founded long before Neil Armstrong took those first steps on the moon. Built in 1896, it’s 125 years old and the oldest Observatory in WA.
  • The Perth Observatory was first located on Mt. Eliza and now resides in the rolling hills of the Bickley Valley.
  • The Observatory has been fully run by volunteers since 2015. Matt Woods, is a Tour Administrator and one of 120 current volunteers at the Observatory.
  • The Observatory recently released their first children’s book ‘Out and about with Artemis at the Perth Observatory’ authored by our volunteer Dr Janet Baldwin and illustrated by Sharon Tapscott.
  • 6 fairy doors were specially created by volunteers at the Observatory and placed around the Observatory grounds.
  • In 2012, official research at the Observatory wrapped up. Now the focus is on public outreach.
  • The Observatory offers daytime and night-sky tours for all ages and has also launched astrophotography workshops and astronomy courses to people know what to look for and how to take an incredible picture of the night sky.