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The Cooking Professor

Story: The Cooking Professor
Episode: 4
Presenter: Carmen Braidwood
Air Date: 14 November 2021

Food is a powerful medium that can be used to bring people together. Carmen enrols in a lesson with The Cooking Professor to gain different cooking skills and learn about different cultures.

  • The Cooking Professor is Perth’s leading cooking school, owned by Chef Riki Kaspi, teamed by enthusiastic and dedicated instructors.
  • Rikki was born in Israel, into a multicultural environment that revolved around food. Her mother was from Turkey and came from a family of dedicated and intuitive home cooks – recipes were handed down orally.
  • At The Cooking Professor students can discover the joys of cooking in a fun, interactive learning environment.
  • Most cooking classes run for three hours, including two hours of cook time in the open plan kitchen.
  • The classes are designed to be an interactive learning environment, where you discover how each dish is prepared and made, and work with your own small team to create a different dish under the guidance of your instructor.