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Turtle rehabilitation

Episode: 13
Title: Turtle rehabilitation
Broadcast: 29th April 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Turtles have to be one of the most ancient creatures on the planet surviving well over 220 million years and today their conservation has become a major priority, as pollution and climate change due to mankind’s actions have heavily impacted their environment and survival.

  • One place you can see them is here at WA’s incredible AQWA- a giant aquarium dedicated to species only found of the coastline of WA. And it’s playing a major role in research and conservation programs.
  • AQWA’s rehab program looks after sick and injured turtles. There have been up to 17 turtles in the program to look after at one time. The biggest challenge for turtles surviving in the word are things like pollution in the form of plastic bags and fishing lines, also boat collisions are a major issue.
  • One of the turtle’s favourite foods are jellyfish and if you put a plastic bag in the water together they look quite alike, which has a devastating consequence for the turtle who swallows the plastic bag.
  • The goal is to release the turtles out back into the wild, these ones will fly on an aeroplane up to Exmouth and be released to the ocean there where its once and warm.
  • AQWA is a truly remarkable destination here in WA, and whether you're a local or a visitor from overseas or interstate it has to be the best place to see and get an appreciation for WA’s unique marine environment.

P: (08) 9447 7500

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