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Poornarti Aboriginal Tours

Episode: 1
Title: Poornarti Aboriginal Tours
Broadcast: 4th February
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy

We follow artist, tour guide and story teller, Joey, who opened the tour with a welcome to country. Joey sees a welcome to country as a passport and a right of passage. Joey introduced us to some tucker, in the form of bush potatoes and bush tucker jam.

  • Joey showed us his paintings in the style of Carrolup Mission Art, a style world renown. The art itself came out of the Carrolup Mission and the Noongar children of the Stolen Generation were denied access to their family, culture and language.
  • Noel White, the man running the mission, decided it would be beneficial to teach these children art and the rest is history.
  • Joey describes his people’s art as being different from the traditional and well-established “dot-paintings”. He says they make marks and that his art is “mark-making” which shows our energies and auras.
  • Joey also gives us a glimpse at his people’s history with a collection of indigenous tools and instruments which he has been collecting over the years.

Poornati Aboriginal Tours
P: 0415 840 216

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