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Waringarri Aboriginal Art

Episode: 6
Title: Waringarri Aboriginal Art
Broadcast: 3rd September 2017
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissey

Chrissy explores the amazing artworks of Kununurra on the community Waringarri bus tour which is the best way to connect with the land.

  • The bus is a hop on hop off aboriginal art and cultural tour of Kununurra. The Tour Guides Chris and Teddy have a great deal of local knowledge and help explain the stories behind the art works.
  • The art works and instillations not only look good but also tell stories and they provide a bridge between cultures.
  • The next stop is the art gallery and before you go in you are given a special welcome by Agnus who is also a local artist.
  • Chris talks everyone through the tools that the artists use to create their artworks. The techniques and stories of the artists are also explained. There is also a chance to look at the local history of the mob.
  • The next stop is viewing rock paintings, coming to this place allows people to take away a cultural understanding of the place. The tour group also get to try out some local bush tucker.

Waringarri Aboriginal Arts
P: (08) 9168 2212

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