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Walk Trails- Salt Lakes

Episode: 2
Title: Walk Trails- Salt Lakes
Broadcast: August 13th
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

If you’ve ever visited Rottnest Island, you will be familiar with the salt lakes. But did you know that you can explore them properly via a series of walk trails? Trevor shows you how with Wadjemup Bidi coordinator Eilidh Graham.

  • The Wadjemup Bidi consists of 45km of walk trails, which take you around the salt lakes, or even along the stunning coastline.
  • Each walk trail is between 7 and 10 kilometres, and allows you to explore the unique flora and fauna that Rottnest has to offer.
  • The lakes on Rottnest cover approximately 10% of the island, and with them come an array of unique species of vegetation that have adapted to the salty conditions, with some of the plants even making their way to prestigious restaurants.
  • There are 12 lakes in total, with 7 of them being permanent all year round, providing a unique wetland habitat. 5 of the lakes dry up during the summer, increasing the salinity to 5 times that of the ocean.
  • The plant species around the lakes are super special, having adapted to grow in a highly saline, dry environment.
  • There are several different species of sandfire growing on the edge of the salt lakes, including the Beaded Sandfire, and the shrubby sandfire. Tastes like a salty cucumber.

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