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Rock Art Murujuga National Park

Episode: 3
Title: Rock Art Murujuga National Park
Broadcast: August 13th
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Trevor takes a tour with a guide and an elder of the ancient indigenous rock art that spans across the Murujuga National Park.

  • Just 15-minute drive away from the heart of the mining town, Karratha, is the world’s oldest and greatest art gallery, at the Murujuga National Park.
  • A trip to this place starts with a meeting with a ranger, and if you’re lucky, an elder.
  • The park contains over a million ancient rock carvings, dating back 40-50 thousand years.
  • Much of the art depicts animals which are now extinct, referred to as mega fauna which was 15 to 20 thousand years ago.
  • The rangers and elders urge tourists to be respectful of the area, as it holds huge cultural significance.
  • If you find yourself visiting, notify the rangers first, and they’ll show you the best places to visit.

Karratha Visitor Centre
P: (08) 9144 4600

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